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Anaven Manufacturing
Anaven Manufacturing

Anaven has its manufacturing plant of 32,000 MT annual production capacity of monochloroacetic acid located at Atul in Gujarat. It uses the state-of-the-art eco-friendly hydrogenation technology and employs the latest innovations for low energy consumption supplied by Nouryon.

The salient features of the manufacturing facility of the Company include:

  • fully automated manufacturing plant
  • continuous chlorination and hydrogenation facility
  • dedicated waste-water treatment and zero liquid discharge units

The manufacturing process involves:

  • chlorination
  • hydrogenation
  • distillation
  • HCL absorption
  • flaking

Fully equipped lab with analytical instruments, such as:

  • GCs
  • FT-NIR
  • HPLCs
  • TOC analyser

In-plant utility includes:

  • compressed air and nitrogen
  • chillers
  • cooling water system
  • AHU systems